Animated Short

year of release: 2019

length : 10'30"

written and directed by Flóra Anna Buda

producer : József Fülöp

dramaturge : Zsófia Ruttkay

editor : Vanda Gorácz

music and sound : Gergely Matos

produced by MOME ANIM


Entropia is a container of three parallel universes where three girls are living in different circumstances. One of them represents the animalistic side of human nature, one of them is a consumer fulfilled with her own frustrations, and the third one is living in a futuristic room where she has to run to keep the system work. Suddenly a fly flews over the three universes and make a bug in the system. Because of that bug the three universes start collapsing and the girls are able to move towards each other.


When I wrote Entropia I wanted to tell an honest story about a young woman entering adulthood. I went to the cinema to watch ‘Is the Man Who is Tall Happy ’ by Michel Gondry and I got hooked on one sentence of the film. It sounded something like this: What will you do if a time machine goes wrong and you accidentally meet yourself? I felt terribly lost that time so I started digging into the topic of self acceptance and personalities. I was observing myself, my dreams and desires and I found three aspects I wanted to show. I found it important to talk about the animalistic side of human nature since it is still part of our everyday life and I think it is something we should respect and learn about. The other aspect was a meta level how I felt at the moment inside my head. So I created a room with a character who has no life, just the everyday routine to make the system work until she burns out. And the third aspect was how I felt as a young woman in the society being judged by appearance. One day I had a dream in a supermarket where I was searching for something and an old snake-looking lady came towards me and warned me to be aware, because every living creature just want to fuck. This gave me the idea to show society in a supermarket where you can consume and being consumed by others.


production : MOME ANIM / ESZTER GLASER / glaser@mome.hu

anim.mome.hu | vimeo / MOMEAnim | facebook / MOMEAnim


orr.krisztina@filmalap.hu | filmunio.eu


kati.vajda@filmalap.hu | filmunio.eu


MOME Anim is one of the defining creative workshops and intellectual centres of Hungarian animation. Its scope of activities cover the operation of the university department running the animation BA and MA educational programs, while its work is defined by activities that reach beyond education. Production activities are of key importance, talent management and content development set in an international network are of significant role: an important outcome is the creation and operation of incubator programs. The acquisition of research topics examining the contemporary issues related to animation film in regional, historical or other contexts is also part of the workshop’s life.

SUPPORTED by the Hungarian National Filmfund

The Hungarian National Film Fund has since 2012 been supporting diploma and exam films made at higher education institutions with about 70 million HUF, among them films made at MOME Anim. The aim of the Film Fund is to offer the possibility of practice and experimention for young talents, thus helping the future of the profession. 


CUB Animation is an independent animation studio based in Budapest, Hungary. Their main obsession is creating worlds with unique design, unlimited tools of animation, and the power of young talents.
They are interested in many platforms of the animation: TV and web series, animated shorts, music videos, and cross media – our point is to bring together dedicated people and make some high quality animated content.
Cub was founded by Bella Szederkényi and Bálint Gelley in 2015 in the incubation environment at MOME University, Budapest.


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